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Milk+Two Sugars Please

Mount Stuart Emerging Artist in Socially Engaged Practice

Bute, Scotland


Milk + Two Sugars is the new sound piece that evolved throughout 2021 from the socially engaged project of the same name earlier in that year. Through remote telephone conversations from her kitchen, emerging artist in residence Kaya Fraser hosted an open call to residents of the Goy and the Bush to phone her and blether over a cup of tea. Upon chatting to four residents from the Bush, the Goy and Barone; Molly, Betty, Euan and Virginia, a collaborative process formed the sound piece you can hear along with field recordings of the places each collaborator calls home.


The sound works original purpose was to open the dialogue and connection to the island’s essence, its people, something often overlooked for its idyllic landscapes. So we begin with a cuppa tea and start the day talking of the home’s day-to-day history through the conversations, be it the four walls, the scheme, the town, or the island. And some of the specifics these effects have on shaping our memories and place in a community.


This project came to fruition during Frasers time as the Mount Stuart Emerging Artist in residence 2021, a programme supporting emerging artists interested in developing their paths in socially engaged art and working with communities to help break barriers and access art.

With the hope that COVID-19 doesn't delay any further plans, the sound work is to be exhibited in the Winter Gardens/Discovery Centre, Rothesay at some point in 2022.

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