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Hospitalfield Graduate Programme and Residency 2021 - 2022

The Graduate Programme invites applications from recent graduates of visual art degree courses in Scotland. Participants in the programme live and work in the house, studios, gardens and courtyards of the estate. Hospitalfield is a part of the small fishing town of Arbroath. 


While on the residency in October - November 2021, I undertook experimenting with the photographic printing process of anthotype. During past projects, there remained negatives and imagery taken purely for me but only ever existing in this personal collection of 'I just like it'. Combining these images and the printing process of anthotypes I could create a new series of work giving the images a new life outwith the personal archive. I collected the last of the estate's gardens colourful petals and leaves to make emulsions needed for the prints and utilised the large windows and low winter sun to create the prints. The images all feature plants and trees and are printed with all-natural photosynthesis emulsions.

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